19 New Year’s Resolutions (Proceed with Caution!)

  1. I will daven extra hard for world peace (and yell at my husband when he leaves his socks on the floor).
  2. I will not talk about the current presidential elections (trying not to speak lashon hara).hillary-clinton-vs-donald-trump-cartoon-joe-heller-fb
  3. I will give up ice cream for good (just discovered this amazing Belgian chocolate. Much better!)
  4. I will not get angry at the guy who blocks my driveway for the third time this week (I will puncture his tire ever so calmly).puncture tire
  5. I will work big time on zrizus (so sorry for cutting ahead of you in line. This is a new year’s resolution).
  6. I will go to sleep early every night (umm… Remind me I said so when I’m yawning at midnight).
  7. I will try to be a more humorous person in general (LOL, ROTFL, LQTM).
  8. I will send a cake over to my friend who just moved (and tell whoever I meet of my good deed).
  9. I will invite my parents in law to our house for yom tov (right after I hear they bought tickets to go to their daughter in Israel).
  10. I will take care of my health and eat healthy foods (hey! French fries is a vegetable!) frenchfries5
  11. I will daven with extra kavanah and say each word slowly and carefully when i lead Shachris in shul. Davening will take at least 1.5 hours. (Gotta be mezakeh the rabbim!)
  12. I will say extra tehillim every day. (Don’t freak out when you see me mumbling on the street. Just assume I’m talking into a Bluetooth).
  13. I will have one hour technology free each day. No phones, tablets, Ipods or laptops (of course during my work hours. Why? Did you think otherwise?)feet up on desk
  14. I will do 100 situps a day (staying seated for long stretches at a time is counted as extra credit).
  15. I will take it in stride when my neighbor comments “so cute! When are you due?” (Nothing doing. That bulge comes from eating too much ice cream).
  16. I will tell zeidy how sweet he looks in his new suspenders (yellow and black checked. Seriously?)yellow suspenders
  17. I will make 33 batches of kneidel balls so my freezer is well stocked.
  18. I will not covet my neighbors brand new convertible with surround sound system (hey my 1996 station wagon has its own speaker system. Do you hear that rattling sound?)station wagon
  19. I will shop at EZKosher.com to make my life easier, while saving time and money (you knew that would be coming from an EZKosher.com blog, no?)Ezkosher logo

Frazzled? It’s That Time of Year Again!

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is the time when parents breathe a huge sigh of relief as they send their children off to school after keeping them entertained for the past few weeks. It is the time when excited children run off to school happily in their spanking new shoes and trendy briefcases. It is the calm before the storm of homework, tests and endless periods will come and banish the excitement of the new school year.

It is also the time when the lines at the uniform stores extend halfway down the block, and the gaggle of strollers blocking the street make traffic on the Thruway look like child’s play. 

Yet that is nothing compared to the shoe store line on the next block.Little children are ‘holding a place’ since the morning, while their mother is running into the hosiery store, the dry goods store, school supplies store, and grocery store.

The frazzled mother leaves her half-full shopping cart in middle of the cereals aisle because she gets a frantic call from her child, “Mommy, only 3 families ahead of us! Come quick or we’ll lose our ‘Next!'”

She runs breathlessly into the shop and sits down gracelessly, as she watches the hapless salesperson trying to fit her 4 kids into both shabbos and weekday shoes. Her antsy kids are difficult to please and she wishes she can just go to sleep and wake up to see her children fully clothed and happy, a few weeks down the line.


When she finally does get home, shlepping all her bags and tired kids, she remembers the grocery cart, abandoned a few hours ago in the midst of the supermarket. Waves of exhaustion hit her and she sighs. She just CANT. She can’t do it all.

But her kids won’t have breakfast or snack for their first day of school.

She still has to make supper, and bathe the kids, and try to make a semblance of order in her house.

Then her daughter asks her “Why don’t you shop on EZKosher?”

That inspiration saves the night. She hurriedly adds all items on her shopping list to the cart, presses submit order, and a few hours later, her order shows up at the door.

At that time, the kids are tucked in, freshly bathed, and mom is relaxing for a few minutes on the couch to rest her aching feet.

If only all problems would be this EZ to solve!

Red metallic button with text easy and hand shaped mouse cursor isolated on white background


Camp is over, School did not start yet. How to keep your kids entertained without breaking the bank.

Summer is not officially over, however the streets are filling up as more and more people are waving wistful good-byes to their summer homes and heading back to reality. The splashing sounds of kids frolicking in the pool is fading in the distance, to be replaced with the more mundane: “I’m bored! What can I do?”

We are currently in the twilight zone between camp and school. The uniform and shoe stores are packed with people doing last minute shopping and the school supply stores are full with happy kids choosing their new knapsacks.

However, after all the shopping, there is still no structure for the kids and they’re begging for interesting activities to keep them entertained. When the day just seems to stretch on forever and you feel you are wit’s end, here are some fun activities for your children to enjoy.

The summer’s best memories are yet to be made!


Bubble Wrap Fun: There is nothing like stomping on bubble wrap to let out pent up energy. The large bubbles make an especially satisfying sound! You can do other creative things with bubble wrap too. Make these cool mosaics by making a slit in the back and stuffing the bubble with tissue paper. Or you can make this nifty hopskotch mat that will keep your kid hopping. Buy a roll here or at any office supply store.

bubble wrap hop skotch painting-activity1 bubble wrap mosaic

A New Twist on Pool Fun: Enjoy watching your kids playing with their old toys with a new enthusiasm! Set up a baby pool in your living room and your kids will have a blast playing with their toys in their cool new  playground. Best of all, the mess stays within the pool walls!noodleballpit

Have Your Veggies and Eat it Too!: Let your kids have fun creating all different type of designs with vegetables, and you will be surprised to see your kids happily munching on their masterpieces when they finish. Make sure to take a picture of it first!

Don’t worry about getting the ingredients. Ezkosher.com has got you covered! With a few clicks you will experience the convenience of getting your items to your door.
These are just some ideas to get you started. Send us your kids’ creative ideas, we would love to see them!
Screen-Shot-2014-03-20-at-10.23.54-AM kids-food-art-2veggie food decorating St-Pats-Day-Finished-1-of-11

Car Wash: Car covered with summer grime? What can be better than keeping your kids gainfully employed while having a blast? Give them a hose, some shmattes, buckets and brushes and soon your car will be as shiny as the smile on your children’s faces! When they’re finished, they can do the bikes and outdoor chairs too.


Scrapbook of Memories: Did your kids go to sleepaway camp this summer? Did they go on a trip with the family? A perfect way to capture the memories is to create a keepsake album, with the highlights of their summer creatively displayed. Set them up with colored paper, scissors, glue, buttons and other embellishments you can find around the house. When they finish, your kids will be proud to display their hard work.

summer fun


Used any of the ideas above? We would love to hear from you what worked! Have a happy summer!

Kosher Camp Care Packages – EZ Kosher

How to send a kosher camp care package with EZ Kosher online:

Do you want to send a kosher camp care package to your child in camp but don’t have a way to send it? Does your child miss you and wait for something to remind him of home? Do you want to send them their favorite foods and noshes from your favorite stores? EZKosher has you in mind.

We have specially opened slots for you to deliver kosher care packages to your children’s camps, using our EZ to use website.


Here’s how to do it

1. Select your child’s camp from the bungalow colony drop-down list

select camp
select your child’s camp from the bungalow drop-down list

2. Choose store and delivery date


store pick camp paclage
Choose store that delivers to your child’s camp


3. Add Nosh and other goodies to cart

camp package add to cart
Add nosh and other goodies to cart for the camp package


4. Remember to put your child’s name on the delivery address at checkout

kosher camp care package name
Put your child’s name in the delivery address


5. Success! You have made your child happy!

kosher camp package happy child
Your child is happy in camp with your care package!


You have now made your order to your child’s camp on ezkosher. We also deliver to the city and to tthe country every day. Check us out! And if you have any questions or comments contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


Packaged with Care: Show your love to your child from afar

It’s the pollen. Definitely the pollen. Or maybe it’s the (non-existent) wind that’s making your eyes water as you wave good-bye to your teenager, even as the car rounds the bend and you know he can’t see you anymore.


You trudge back into the house and the sudden silence is disconcerting. You’ve anticipated the quiet for the past few months, counting down the minutes until he would finally JUST GO. Now that he’s gone, however, you want him back already. And it’s only 5 minutes since he left!

You walk through the house that just 15 minutes ago was a flurry of last minute packing and frazzled nerves as sundry items were hurriedly packed into shopping bags and shoved into teens hands. You straighten out the vanity a bit, and wipe off a shmear of toothpaste on the mirror when you notice it.

Oh boy! _________ was left on the counter! (fill in the blank…). You had only gone to 4 different stores to find the exact brand that he NEEDS to have!

You’re frustrated. You’re upset.

But at that moment, you feel a connection. “I will get it to him. I will be there for him and give him what he needs.”

Because as much as it’s best for a child to grow his own wings and fly his own path, his parents still need to be connected to him, and he to his parents.

The question is just how much independence to grant the child and there is ‘no size fits all’. Even within one family, one child may thrive more by feeling in charge, yet his sibling may need to hold onto mama’s apron strings just a bit longer.

Fortunately, for your child or children in camp, you can show them that you still care, in a loving and non-intimidating way.

It’s called a care package for a reason!

Packed in with the child’s favorite nosh is your loving devotion and feelings of connection.

Your child will feel the love in every bite that he gets to enjoy and share with his friends.

Ideas of What to Send

First, remember those items that were left home by mistake. Be it toothpaste, shampoo or suntan lotion, it’s a taste from home.

Does your child like any specific sweets? Help him remember your love when he gets that nosh he’s crazy about.

Shabbos is coming!

Children feel home-sickness the most when they are far away from their nearest and dearest on Shabbos. Shabbos is family time, where seudos are spent together and children interact with their parents more than throughout the whole week. Although they love camp and all the fun activities, they still sing different zemiros than you do at home and it’s just not the same! The camp cook makes the BEST suppers throughout the week, but her chicken soup is just not mama’s.


Send your child a taste from home.

Pack up some chips, dips and homemade challah. Send a shabbos treat that will bring a smile to his face. Do you always have Schweppes Ginger Ale on your Shabbos table? Surprise him with his favorite brand. He just can’t get it in camp if you don’t send it.

How to send your love in a package

EZKosher.com makes it easy for you to customize your package and send everything your child may need. It is really convenient. You can browse or search through an attractive website, see exactly what you’re buying and the prices you will be paying. We ship directly to your camp for a very small fee. You can order deli items to make sure your child has a nutritious supper, or toiletry items your child forgot to take along.

The options are endless because we have you and your child in mind.

And packed together with each item so thoughtfully chosen, is the feelings of care and love, shipped first class directly from home.

packed with love

Couldn’t make it to Meron? You CAN enjoy Lag Ba’omer at home too!

Get into the spirit, Lag Ba’omer is in the air! Even the weather is cooperating. No need to look at your neighbors heading off to the airport with envy, you’ll be having a great time here at home!

There are so many ways to make Lag Ba’omer an exciting day for you and your family.

History and Reason for Celebration

First we need to understand what it is that we’re celebrating on Lag Ba’omer. In short, R’ Shimon Bar Yochai was one of the 5 disciples of Rabbi Akiva that remained alive after the great plague that killed 24,000 of his students. Rabbi Shimon brought the Holy Zohar to the world, which contain the deepest wisdoms of kabbalah, and on the day of his death, we celebrate the LIGHT of Torah he brought down.

Celebrating with Fire

Lag Ba’omer is synonymous with bonfires. Children and adults alike spend the days leading up to this day by collecting and building a bonfire that will be the pride of the neighborhood. Have you ever competed with other children to see who can build the biggest fire? At any age, there is a special excitement when the wood is lit and the whole crowd bursts into song, singing Amar Rebbi Akiva and Bar Yochai. Prepare the hot dogs, marshmallows, and of course skewers! (Of course, keep a special eye on your children when they get anywhere near fire. There’s nothing joyful about getting burnt. And watch out for those rusty nails 🙂

A more contemporary way to “fire up” the day is having a barbeque. Bring out the grill, the steaks and the lemonade! Turn on the music, it’s been a long while since we have last been allowed to hear it. And if the weather is really nice, how about some water fun? Fill up a kiddy pool and play bob the apple. How about a water balloon fight?



Join the pilgrimage to the park! Frolic on the grass, play a spirited game of ball, ride your bike, then sit down for a well-deserved picnic lunch or dinner on the grass. Be sure to prepare a pretty basket with all the supplies needed so that your time spent with family is relaxed and unpressured. Spread a blanket on the earth for a cozy feel and distribute pre-wrapped sandwiches for the least mess. Pack lemonade in small water bottles, enough for everybody. No more spills! Don’t forget napkins, plates and utensils.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can pull out your bow and arrow and practice sharp-shooting. This is to symbolize that a rainbow never came out in the time of Rabbi Shimon. Set up a target and show off how far you can shoot! See a friendly frum family near you? Challenge them to a tournament!



The days of Sefira are days of semi-mourning. When Lag Ba’omer comes around, Simchas are back in full swing! The music is booming, 3 year upsherin picold children are getting their first haircut, and countless couples are walking down the aisle to their chuppah. Whatever the simchah is, live in the moment! Enjoy it fully and be an active participant. Invited to an ‘upsherin’ party? Can you prepare royal icing cookies in the shape of a little boy? Present your host with an adorable home-made treat. Check out this blog by Esther O Design  for instructions on how to make these adorable cupcakes. Have a baking party with your children, you’ll never believe how much fun it could be!



Looking for something different? Head over to a chassidish rebbe’s tish! On a regular yom tov, it’s hard to go when you cannot drive. Now, on Lagsatmar bonfire Ba’omer, you will see unbridled joy and unparalleled dancing. You might even get to see a bonfire that can rival the size of the main fire on the mountain of Meron.



Chabad is known for its Great Parades! 770 Eastern Parkway and its surrounding blocks turns into fairgrounds with thousands of kids and adults participating in the revelry of the day. In the past, entertainment included such high profile entertainers as singers MBD and Benny Friedman. There were people riding on horseback, a marching band, clowns, acrobats and many other delightful sights and sounds. The shining faces of all participants make this the joyful place to be. Find out if there will be a parade in your area this year, if not, maybe you and a few of your friends can put something together? The hard work will pay off in sweet memories that will last a life time.



Whether you make a barbecue, have a picnic or join a parade, we hope you will experience the joy of the day. Remember to visit EZKosher.com for all your food supplies, you’ll be surprised at the variety and availability you can find.


History and examples of the ever popular term EZ

Do a search for the term EZ on google. There are over 385 MILLION results! When did that moniker become so popular? What does it signify?


There are over 385 MILLION results! When did that moniker become so popular? What does it signify?

EZ Origin

Where does the phrase EZ come from? Obviously it comes from the word EASY, which conveys: comfortable, quiet, tranquil. The original origin is a French Word AISIER, which means: put at ease, facilitate. It made its way into our lanuguage, and morphed into the word ease. From there, it was a hop, skip and jump to our popular EZ.

Popular uses of the word EZ:


E-ZPass, of course, is the most famous use of the word E-Z. With the invention and proliferation of E-ZPass lanes, there is no longer any need to fumble for change while holding up traffic at the toll booth. E-ZPass has reduced pollution brought about by idling cars, and has reduced toll-booth traffic delay by 85%! That is a savings of over 2 million vehicle hours per year.

It’s no wonder then, that the term E-Z brings good feelings of efficiency, modernity, and power. You can’t help but look pityingly at the long line of primitive cars inching their way up to the toll-booth cash lane, as you zip through the E-ZPass lane with nary a wait.

The E-ZPass term was trademarked by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 1994.

Since then, there was a explosion of new companies and stores, both locally and nationwide, that saught to jump on the success of E-ZPass. There are almost 7,000 trademarks registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which include the term EZ in its name.

EZ Examples



EZ-Robot is a company that makes Robotics easy! Ever wanted to create your own robot? EZ-Robot lets you invent and build your personal robot without having to know programming. These robots are assembled with ez-bits using clip’n’play technology for endless configurations by consumers. Check it out at https://www.ez-robot.com/



Get on the water today with EZ Waves!

Itching to go fishing? Want to relax on the placid blue waters of a calm lake? Check out EZWaves.net! EZ Waves is a matchmaker that brings guests to the water by pairing up clients and captains. They do the background research to provide you with a list of captains and boats that you can choose for your next excursion.

Happy sailing!



Even the government has jumped on the bandwagon!  eZ-Audit.ed.gov is a web based paperless single point of submission for financial statements and compliance audits for public schools. They claim that “submissions through eZ-Audit will allow for more rapid and efficient processing by the Department of Education (ED) and therefore provide you with immediate feedback”. Being that Government Bureaus often get bad rap for being very s-l-o-w, we can only hope that this process is truly ez-ier!



Ezkosher logo

The proprietors of EZKosher.com saw the need to make Kosher shopping EZier. Too much time and effort is spent driving, finding parking, and standing at crowded checkout lines for grocery shopping. They conceptualized a dream of having your groceries arrive at your door with a click of a button. Check it out. It’s that EZ! Big-Red-Shop-Now-Button.png


Disposing the Post Pesach Poundage – Kosher Dietetic Foods

It was a wonderful holiday. We spent time with our families, had a long chol hamoed to enjoy, visited many new places, and ATE LOTS OF FOOD! (it aint just potatoes and eggs anymore!)

With all the seudos and it’s delicious food behind us, (in us?) it’s time to step on the scale. (A novel way to do it without any heart palpitations is to just step up, and step off, all while keeping your eyes closed! So you can boast, I didn’t gain any weight J.)

This article is not here to tell you, do exercise and eat better. Although you really should!

I did my exercise by digging through all the food EZKOSHER has on its website, and built a list of specific Kosher food that will help you lose weight. As each person has their own diet guru and methodology that they swear by, I included a sampling of many popular diets. Happy Losing!


Low Carb :

Carbolicious Bread
Carbolicious Bread
Smart Carb Low Carb Cookies
Smart Carb Low Carb Cookies

Low Fat:

Hatov Small Curd Cottage Cheese Low Fat
Hatov Small Curd Cottage Cheese Low Fat
Mehadrin FitnFree Light Vanilla Yogurt
Mehadrin FitnFree Light Vanilla Yogurt

Low Calorie Diet:

Mauzone Mania Chocolate Rasberry Fiber Fruit Tarts

Gluten Free Diet:

brown rice pasta
Goldbaums Brown Rice Pasta

Juice Diet:

bolthouse farms carrot juice.jpg
Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice

Water Diet:

Glaceau Smart Water

Seafood Diet:

dagim sole fillet
Dagim Sole Fillets

Mediterranean Diet:

liebers extra light olive olil
Leiber’s Extra Light Olive Oil

Vegetarian Diet:

bodek lunch
Bodek Lunch Box

Organic Diet:

heinz organic
Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup

Which diet works for you? Please let us know in the comments section below. And remember to shop for all your dietetic (and all the cheating!) food on EZKOSHER.com. Look out for Dietetic Tags on products…coming soon!

I had a dream…

When I was young, I loved to imagine that a conveyor belt would ship my favorite snacks straight to my door. With a flourish, the goody I so anticipated would roll in, and I would be happily munching or licking the latest exciting treat out on the market, and be the envy of all my friends.

Oh, how I dreamed.

“But only dreamers still believe that dreams come true”

As time went on, my fantasy still lingered. I dreamed of the day when my grocery shopping for the family would be as easy as just wishing for it to come, and I would get a knock at my door and there it would be.

How I wished for it when piles of powdery snow or a torrential downpour at the most inconvenient times prevented me from heading the few blocks over to the corner grocery to buy just the most essential items. How guilty I felt when my children ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, yet again.

I scoffed at my childish self, who thought grocery shopping from the comfort of my home was possible. As if a conveyor belt can really stretch until my door.

Sometimes, though, it pays to dream, and not to let go. Because when your dream actually gets realized, there is an ethereal satisfaction that makes all the waiting worthwhile.

I discovered EZKOSHER.com.

The conveyor belt of my dreams is just as glamorous in real life. With supreme ease from the comfort of my couch, I pluck items from virtual shelves and it flies into my shopping cart. It even goes with a flourish, just as I anticipated for all these years!

Dedicated individuals pick my items with care, they want me to be happy and have the best experience. And then, just a short while later, it arrives at my door and my children are happily munching or licking the latest exciting treat on the market.

As outlandish and impossible as it sounded, my most cherished dream became a reality.

What will my children dream about?