An Exciting New Feature Coming To EZKOSHER: The Picking APP

Newsflash! EZKOSHER is about to reach a whole new level of efficiency and convenience! With a whole team of developers working day and night to roll out this new feature, we can say that launch time is getting really close!

I spoke to Mr. Koplowitz at EZKosher (Director of Development) to get the full scoop.


Leiby Koplowitz at the interview
Leiby Koplowitz at the interview

Interviewer: So what’s all this buzz we’re hearing about the Picking App? Can you explain in a few words what it is?

Mr. K.: We are very excited to finally be up to the final stages of preparing the state of the art picking-app. It is a superior marvel of technological advancement, sure to make waves in the grocery industry. We are all familiar with orders that arrive with missing items, or items differing from what we ordered. With the picking app, such frustrations will be a thing of the past.

Interviewer: Sounds like sci-fi to me! So how exactly does it work?

Mr. K.: The people in the store who are responsible for picking the order, called Pickers, will be getting sophisticated tablets loaded with this new technology. Each order will appear on the tablet, with all items categorized in logical order. For example, all refrigerated items will be grouped together, in order to make the process of loading the shopping cart more efficient. As the picker places each item in the cart, he will scan the barcode and it will have to match according to what the customer ordered. The picker will also have to verify the correct quantities with the app. No more only getting 4 yogurts when you ordered 14!

Interviewer: Wow! I can really see how this will benefit our customers. Humans are humans after all, and this app sounds like it will prevent human error. Are there any other special features in this app that you can tell me about?

Mr. K.: As a matter of fact, yes there is! When a store is out of stock of a certain item, they can either exchange it for a similar one or leave it out. In the past, this could have caused some invoice confusion. With this app, a clearly detailed description will show up in real time on the customers’ invoices. This will make our invoicing process much clearer and easier to understand for all of EZKosher’s customers! And talking about real time,  customers will soon be able to receive notice of the times their items were picked. That will give them a clearer idea of when their order will be on the way.

Interviewer: It sounds like a LOT of work went into developing this app.

Mr. K.: You bet. We have top programmers working on this for months, laboring to get each detail working just right.

Interviewer: So here’s the big question: When will this app actually be launched? I’m sure our customers are waiting with bated breath.

Mr. K.: We are B”H in the final stages of testing. We don’t have an exact ETA yet, due to the hundreds of small details that still have to be put in place, but were holding sooner rather than later. (At the very latest, it will be in less than 2 months)

Interviewer: I can’t wait to see it in action. To summarize – The picking app will:

  1. Prevent forgetting items when picking the order
  2. Prevent pickers from placing the wrong quantities of items
  3. Clear up any confusion on the invoices regarding exchanged items or items that are out of stock
  4. Updates on Order Status in real time.

We will keep you posted on any more exciting updates as we get them!