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For the month of August 2016, we are offering free delivery on all orders, to all locations.

No coupon code is needed for this promotion.

free delivery to all locations

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Keep Smiling…Pesach is coming! Tips to Keep Pesach a Happy Time

So I asked a bunch of veteran balebustas for tips as I traverse the road leading toward Pesach. The best one I got was “Dirt is not Chometz and your children are not the Korban Pesach!” These valuable words of caution have put me in the right frame of mind as I tackle the Pesach Cleaning. Notice I didn’t say Spring Cleaning. That can wait ’til after Pesach 🙂
Here are some more good tips you might find pretty useful. Please use the comment section below to share any tips that can help .
  1. Have a stash of chocolate at the ready!

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2.  Clean your chandelier with a little Palmolive Dish Washing Soap mixed with vinegar. You’ll love the sparkle!

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3. Get your children to help by making it fun! Turn on the music, promise a small treat for when you finish each major chore, like “we will all sit down and eat ice-cream”.

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4. Ammonia works wonders for the stove pieces. Put them in a bag, pour in ammonia. (It doesn’t have to cover). Tie it closed and leave for a few hours or overnight. The fumes will make all the grease come off. (Precaution: Be sure not to breathe into to the fumes. It could be harmful.)

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5. Your local appliance repair doesn’t want you to know this but they make their livelihood by repairing wash machines where intrepid people put in their toys to clean. Do. Not. Put. In. Anything. Except. Clothing. In. Your. Machine!!! You can use your bathtub. Easy, fast and fun.

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6. Take a few minutes to make a calendar, working backwards from Erev Pesach. You’ll be organized, calmer and there’s nothing like making a big checkmark to mark a day of accomplishments.

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7. Clean your kitchen cabinets with Murphy Soap. The smell is not too harsh and it cleans like magic!

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8. Shop for all your cleaning supplies at And don’t forget to buy yourself a treat!

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Like your Bunny Slippers? You can keep your Bunny Slippers.

And still get your shopping done.

Gone are the days of fighting traffic, finding parking and plunking your tantrumming kid into the uncomfortable metal shopping cart  while you do your shopping.

Today’s dchildrens-bunny-1-xlays you can sit in your bunny slippers and shop for random things like monogrammed socks or pet turtles. Forget about looking for those missing car keys (what, again?!) and just curl up on your couch with your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Up until 2015, you were able to buy computers, candles, and even cars online, however if you were looking for simple kosher groceries such as gefilte fish or gherkins, you had to take off those slippers, and actually head out to the grocery  while fighting traffic and weather conditions
to shlep those items home.

Enter It started with one man’s brainy idea and it led to a revolution in Kosher shopping for groceries from the comfort of your home. You can now shop from a select choice of stores, depending on your location. You just press, swipe, click and then there is a knock on your door with that bulging box of bananas, bread, brisket or butter that you ordered, and you can even answer the door in your slippers if you so choose.

We serve as a marketplace for Kosher groceries. shuk1.jpgThink of the shuk in Machne Yehuda. Yes, everyone is selling the same sunflower seeds and hawking the same halva. Why do we need so many different vendors? ‘Cuz that’s the beauty of choice.

YOU can choose where to buy, YOU can choose who’s going to deliver the best value for your exact specifications. One grocery store might have a cheaper delivery rate, but the other is located just near you and will deliver quicker. You might have a hankering for herring from Gourmet Glatt, he might need to nosh on nish nosh salad from Evergreen. It’s your choice!

We are expanding every day, with new and exciting developments that are sure to rock the Kosher market. We are spreading our wings and expanding our delivery areas to cover more locations, so that wherever you may be, will be the only name you need to remember.