Keep Smiling…Pesach is coming! Tips to Keep Pesach a Happy Time

So I asked a bunch of veteran balebustas for tips as I traverse¬†the road leading toward Pesach. The best one I got was “Dirt is not Chometz and your children are not the Korban Pesach!” These valuable words of caution have put me in the right frame of mind as I tackle the Pesach Cleaning. Notice I didn’t say Spring Cleaning. That can wait ’til after Pesach ūüôā
Here are some more good tips you might find pretty useful. Please use the comment section below to share any tips that can help .
  1. Have a stash of chocolate at the ready!

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2. ¬†Clean your chandelier with a little Palmolive Dish Washing Soap mixed with vinegar. You’ll love the sparkle!

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3. Get your children to help by making it fun! Turn on the music, promise a small treat for when you finish each major chore, like “we will all sit down and eat ice-cream”.

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4. Ammonia works wonders for the stove pieces. Put them in a bag, pour in ammonia. (It doesn’t have to cover). Tie it closed and leave for a few hours or overnight. The fumes will make all the grease come off. (Precaution: Be sure not to breathe into to the fumes. It could be harmful.)

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5. Your local appliance repair doesn’t want you to know this but they make their livelihood by repairing wash machines where intrepid people put in their toys to clean. Do. Not. Put. In. Anything. Except. Clothing. In. Your. Machine!!! You can use your bathtub. Easy, fast and fun.

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6. Take a few minutes to make a calendar, working backwards from Erev Pesach. You’ll be organized, calmer and there’s nothing like making a¬†big checkmark to mark a day of accomplishments.

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7. Clean your kitchen cabinets with Murphy Soap. The smell is not too harsh and it cleans like magic!

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8. Shop for all your cleaning supplies at And don’t forget to buy yourself a treat!

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