19 New Year’s Resolutions (Proceed with Caution!)

  1. I will daven extra hard for world peace (and yell at my husband when he leaves his socks on the floor).
  2. I will not talk about the current presidential elections (trying not to speak lashon hara).hillary-clinton-vs-donald-trump-cartoon-joe-heller-fb
  3. I will give up ice cream for good (just discovered this amazing Belgian chocolate. Much better!)
  4. I will not get angry at the guy who blocks my driveway for the third time this week (I will puncture his tire ever so calmly).puncture tire
  5. I will work big time on zrizus (so sorry for cutting ahead of you in line. This is a new year’s resolution).
  6. I will go to sleep early every night (umm… Remind me I said so when I’m yawning at midnight).
  7. I will try to be a more humorous person in general (LOL, ROTFL, LQTM).
  8. I will send a cake over to my friend who just moved (and tell whoever I meet of my good deed).
  9. I will invite my parents in law to our house for yom tov (right after I hear they bought tickets to go to their daughter in Israel).
  10. I will take care of my health and eat healthy foods (hey! French fries is a vegetable!) frenchfries5
  11. I will daven with extra kavanah and say each word slowly and carefully when i lead Shachris in shul. Davening will take at least 1.5 hours. (Gotta be mezakeh the rabbim!)
  12. I will say extra tehillim every day. (Don’t freak out when you see me mumbling on the street. Just assume I’m talking into a Bluetooth).
  13. I will have one hour technology free each day. No phones, tablets, Ipods or laptops (of course during my work hours. Why? Did you think otherwise?)feet up on desk
  14. I will do 100 situps a day (staying seated for long stretches at a time is counted as extra credit).
  15. I will take it in stride when my neighbor comments “so cute! When are you due?” (Nothing doing. That bulge comes from eating too much ice cream).
  16. I will tell zeidy how sweet he looks in his new suspenders (yellow and black checked. Seriously?)yellow suspenders
  17. I will make 33 batches of kneidel balls so my freezer is well stocked.
  18. I will not covet my neighbors brand new convertible with surround sound system (hey my 1996 station wagon has its own speaker system. Do you hear that rattling sound?)station wagon
  19. I will shop at EZKosher.com to make my life easier, while saving time and money (you knew that would be coming from an EZKosher.com blog, no?)Ezkosher logo
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2 thoughts on “19 New Year’s Resolutions (Proceed with Caution!)

  1. Deana Brenner Reply

    Very cute. I enjoyed them all. Is it possible to obtain your phone number Also a menu of your take out foods.

  2. EZ Kosher Reply

    Hi Deana,
    Thanks for that feedback! Our phone number is 1-844-EZKOSHER (395-6743). We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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