Frazzled? It’s That Time of Year Again!

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is the time when parents breathe a huge sigh of relief as they send their children off to school after keeping them entertained for the past few weeks. It is the time when excited children run off to school happily in their spanking new shoes and trendy briefcases. It is the calm before the storm of homework, tests and endless periods will come and banish the excitement of the new school year.

It is also the time when the lines at the uniform stores extend halfway down the block, and the gaggle of strollers blocking the street make traffic on the Thruway look like child’s play. 

Yet that is nothing compared to the shoe store line on the next block.Little children are ‘holding a place’ since the morning, while their mother is running into the hosiery store, the dry goods store, school supplies store, and grocery store.

The frazzled mother leaves her half-full shopping cart in middle of the cereals aisle because she gets a frantic call from her child, “Mommy, only 3 families ahead of us! Come quick or we’ll lose our ‘Next!'”

She runs breathlessly into the shop and sits down gracelessly, as she watches the hapless salesperson trying to fit her 4 kids into both shabbos and weekday shoes. Her antsy kids are difficult to please and she wishes she can just go to sleep and wake up to see her children fully clothed and happy, a few weeks down the line.


When she finally does get home, shlepping all her bags and tired kids, she remembers the grocery cart, abandoned a few hours ago in the midst of the supermarket. Waves of exhaustion hit her and she sighs. She just CANT. She can’t do it all.

But her kids won’t have breakfast or snack for their first day of school.

She still has to make supper, and bathe the kids, and try to make a semblance of order in her house.

Then her daughter asks her “Why don’t you shop on EZKosher?”

That inspiration saves the night. She hurriedly adds all items on her shopping list to the cart, presses submit order, and a few hours later, her order shows up at the door.

At that time, the kids are tucked in, freshly bathed, and mom is relaxing for a few minutes on the couch to rest her aching feet.

If only all problems would be this EZ to solve!

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