Camp is over, School did not start yet. How to keep your kids entertained without breaking the bank.

Summer is not officially over, however the streets are filling up as more and more people are waving wistful good-byes to their summer homes and heading back to reality. The splashing sounds of kids frolicking in the pool is fading in the distance, to be replaced with the more mundane: “I’m bored! What can I do?”

We are currently in the twilight zone between camp and school. The uniform and shoe stores are packed with people doing last minute shopping and the school supply stores are full with happy kids choosing their new knapsacks.

However, after all the shopping, there is still no structure for the kids and they’re begging for interesting activities to keep them entertained. When the day just seems to stretch on forever and you feel you are wit’s end, here are some fun activities for your children to enjoy.

The summer’s best memories are yet to be made!


Bubble Wrap Fun: There is nothing like stomping on bubble wrap to let out pent up energy. The large bubbles make an especially satisfying sound! You can do other creative things with bubble wrap too. Make these cool mosaics by making a slit in the back and stuffing the bubble with tissue paper. Or you can make this nifty hopskotch mat that will keep your kid hopping. Buy a roll here or at any office supply store.

bubble wrap hop skotch painting-activity1 bubble wrap mosaic

A New Twist on Pool Fun: Enjoy watching your kids playing with their old toys with a new enthusiasm! Set up a baby pool in your living room and your kids will have a blast playing with their toys in their cool new  playground. Best of all, the mess stays within the pool walls!noodleballpit

Have Your Veggies and Eat it Too!: Let your kids have fun creating all different type of designs with vegetables, and you will be surprised to see your kids happily munching on their masterpieces when they finish. Make sure to take a picture of it first!

Don’t worry about getting the ingredients. has got you covered! With a few clicks you will experience the convenience of getting your items to your door.
These are just some ideas to get you started. Send us your kids’ creative ideas, we would love to see them!
Screen-Shot-2014-03-20-at-10.23.54-AM kids-food-art-2veggie food decorating St-Pats-Day-Finished-1-of-11

Car Wash: Car covered with summer grime? What can be better than keeping your kids gainfully employed while having a blast? Give them a hose, some shmattes, buckets and brushes and soon your car will be as shiny as the smile on your children’s faces! When they’re finished, they can do the bikes and outdoor chairs too.


Scrapbook of Memories: Did your kids go to sleepaway camp this summer? Did they go on a trip with the family? A perfect way to capture the memories is to create a keepsake album, with the highlights of their summer creatively displayed. Set them up with colored paper, scissors, glue, buttons and other embellishments you can find around the house. When they finish, your kids will be proud to display their hard work.

summer fun


Used any of the ideas above? We would love to hear from you what worked! Have a happy summer!

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