Packaged with Care: Show your love to your child from afar

It’s the pollen. Definitely the pollen. Or maybe it’s the (non-existent) wind that’s making your eyes water as you wave good-bye to your teenager, even as the car rounds the bend and you know he can’t see you anymore.


You trudge back into the house and the sudden silence is disconcerting. You’ve anticipated the quiet for the past few months, counting down the minutes until he would finally JUST GO. Now that he’s gone, however, you want him back already. And it’s only 5 minutes since he left!

You walk through the house that just 15 minutes ago was a flurry of last minute packing and frazzled nerves as sundry items were hurriedly packed into shopping bags and shoved into teens hands. You straighten out the vanity a bit, and wipe off a shmear of toothpaste on the mirror when you notice it.

Oh boy! _________ was left on the counter! (fill in the blank…). You had only gone to 4 different stores to find the exact brand that he NEEDS to have!

You’re frustrated. You’re upset.

But at that moment, you feel a connection. “I will get it to him. I will be there for him and give him what he needs.”

Because as much as it’s best for a child to grow his own wings and fly his own path, his parents still need to be connected to him, and he to his parents.

The question is just how much independence to grant the child and there is ‘no size fits all’. Even within one family, one child may thrive more by feeling in charge, yet his sibling may need to hold onto mama’s apron strings just a bit longer.

Fortunately, for your child or children in camp, you can show them that you still care, in a loving and non-intimidating way.

It’s called a care package for a reason!

Packed in with the child’s favorite nosh is your loving devotion and feelings of connection.

Your child will feel the love in every bite that he gets to enjoy and share with his friends.

Ideas of What to Send

First, remember those items that were left home by mistake. Be it toothpaste, shampoo or suntan lotion, it’s a taste from home.

Does your child like any specific sweets? Help him remember your love when he gets that nosh he’s crazy about.

Shabbos is coming!

Children feel home-sickness the most when they are far away from their nearest and dearest on Shabbos. Shabbos is family time, where seudos are spent together and children interact with their parents more than throughout the whole week. Although they love camp and all the fun activities, they still sing different zemiros than you do at home and it’s just not the same! The camp cook makes the BEST suppers throughout the week, but her chicken soup is just not mama’s.


Send your child a taste from home.

Pack up some chips, dips and homemade challah. Send a shabbos treat that will bring a smile to his face. Do you always have Schweppes Ginger Ale on your Shabbos table? Surprise him with his favorite brand. He just can’t get it in camp if you don’t send it.

How to send your love in a package makes it easy for you to customize your package and send everything your child may need. It is really convenient. You can browse or search through an attractive website, see exactly what you’re buying and the prices you will be paying. We ship directly to your camp for a very small fee. You can order deli items to make sure your child has a nutritious supper, or toiletry items your child forgot to take along.

The options are endless because we have you and your child in mind.

And packed together with each item so thoughtfully chosen, is the feelings of care and love, shipped first class directly from home.

packed with love

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