History and examples of the ever popular term EZ

Do a search for the term EZ on google. There are over 385 MILLION results! When did that moniker become so popular? What does it signify?


There are over 385 MILLION results! When did that moniker become so popular? What does it signify?

EZ Origin

Where does the phrase EZ come from? Obviously it comes from the word EASY, which conveys: comfortable, quiet, tranquil. The original origin is a French Word AISIER, which means: put at ease, facilitate. It made its way into our lanuguage, and morphed into the word ease. From there, it was a hop, skip and jump to our popular EZ.

Popular uses of the word EZ:


E-ZPass, of course, is the most famous use of the word E-Z. With the invention and proliferation of E-ZPass lanes, there is no longer any need to fumble for change while holding up traffic at the toll booth. E-ZPass has reduced pollution brought about by idling cars, and has reduced toll-booth traffic delay by 85%! That is a savings of over 2 million vehicle hours per year.

It’s no wonder then, that the term E-Z brings good feelings of efficiency, modernity, and power. You can’t help but look pityingly at the long line of primitive cars inching their way up to the toll-booth cash lane, as you zip through the E-ZPass lane with nary a wait.

The E-ZPass term was trademarked by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 1994.

Since then, there was a explosion of new companies and stores, both locally and nationwide, that saught to jump on the success of E-ZPass. There are almost 7,000 trademarks registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which include the term EZ in its name.

EZ Examples



EZ-Robot is a company that makes Robotics easy! Ever wanted to create your own robot? EZ-Robot lets you invent and build your personal robot without having to know programming. These robots are assembled with ez-bits using clip’n’play technology for endless configurations by consumers. Check it out at https://www.ez-robot.com/



Get on the water today with EZ Waves!

Itching to go fishing? Want to relax on the placid blue waters of a calm lake? Check out EZWaves.net! EZ Waves is a matchmaker that brings guests to the water by pairing up clients and captains. They do the background research to provide you with a list of captains and boats that you can choose for your next excursion.

Happy sailing!



Even the government has jumped on the bandwagon!  eZ-Audit.ed.gov is a web based paperless single point of submission for financial statements and compliance audits for public schools. They claim that “submissions through eZ-Audit will allow for more rapid and efficient processing by the Department of Education (ED) and therefore provide you with immediate feedback”. Being that Government Bureaus often get bad rap for being very s-l-o-w, we can only hope that this process is truly ez-ier!



Ezkosher logo

The proprietors of EZKosher.com saw the need to make Kosher shopping EZier. Too much time and effort is spent driving, finding parking, and standing at crowded checkout lines for grocery shopping. They conceptualized a dream of having your groceries arrive at your door with a click of a button. Check it out. It’s that EZ! Big-Red-Shop-Now-Button.png


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