Chol Hamoed, so many choices of what to do.

With a long chol hamoed stretching tantalizingly before us, everyone wants to spend each day to the max.

There is so much to do, so much to see, but not everything works for everybody. For some, a relaxing picnic at the park is THE thing to do, while for others, being suspended upside down on the biggest rollercoaster in the area is a thrill that just can’t be missed.

Choices. It’s the options in life that allow for imagination, individuality and excitement, but it can be so hard to choose!

Here are some different genres of Chol Hamoed Outings. Once you have narrowed it down to what fits for you and your family, the task of choosing where to go is so much EZier.

  1. Amusement Parks: Sure there must be something fun about hurtling through tracks at hurricane forces, being spinned upside down, screaming at the top of your lungs and waving your hands through the air while the wind whips at your face. Me, I’d rather retain my lunch, thank you very much, but I can totally hear why kids and adults alike enjoy a day at the rides. Why, it makes for such an amazing selfie! rollercoaster
  2. Zoos: Did you know that there is a halacha to make a bracha upon seeing a monkey or elephant (contact your LOR for details!). There have been big gedolim who took their kids to the zoo just to be able to make this unusual bracha. Zoos can be a nice family trip, with interesting sights and colors. It does involve a lot of walking though, and hoping that you won’t miss the sea lion show.panda.png
  3. Museums: A museum doesn’t have to be a dark and dingy outing meant only for cerebrals who enjoy looking at old books and art. Today, you can visit interactive, fun museums that excite children and adults alike. From hands on exhibits that teach science, history, and (gasp!) math in a fun way, a museum may be just the place to go on a rainy or not so rainy
  4. Parks: Do you wake up early in the morning from the chirping of the pigeons and sparrows on the windowsill on your 15th floor apartment in the city? Do you wish you can escape from the pollution and the grayness of it all and stroll through a wonderland of green? And red, and purple, pink and yellow, beautiful, beautiful flowers lining the path? Then a visit to the a park or botanical gardens will cheer you up and bring you sunshine. You might even see a blue jay or another brightly colored bird, a far cry from the pigeons that grace your windowsill.park-2
  5. Shows & Concerts: Which kid can resist the lure of Uncle Moishy singing Hashem is Here in a concert meant just for them. And if you’re not a kid, there are concerts, circuses, and slideshows meant to entertain the adults among us. There isn’t much to do, but lots to see, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show! THE-CHOL-HAMOED-SPECTACULAR-ONLINE-220x300

    Grocery stores are also an area with a proliferation of choices.

140529_EM_GroceryStore_1You may be the type that likes thrills (The Amusement Park Type) and would love to try something new every time. You would appreciate a Supermarket with a vast selection of dips and deli, and enjoy having an exciting new dip on your table for the Shabbos meal.

Or you may be very family oriented (Outing to the Zoo Type). You would enjoy a smaller size grocery, where the grocer knows your children by name, and could let you know if you left anything off your list by mistake, after weeks of placing the same types of orders.

Or you might just be the brainy kind (Museum Type), who likes to know exactly what it is that you’re buying. Did you know that EZKOSHER is currently working on a major project to add lots of data to each item on the site? (Nutrition info, hechsheirim…)

Are you the nature buff (Visiting the park)? You would like a grocery store that has a large health food selection, and prepared lunches of the healthy variety.

Or you like just sitting back and relaxing, while being entertained (Shows and Concerts type). You would definitely enjoy just swiping your order on your ipad or phone and having your groceries delivered to your door!

Whatever type you are, caters to all. We have a large selection of groceries that is as varied as our customers! Some are small and homey, some are midsize but offer speedy delivery, some are large and offer a huge selection of delis, dips and salads.

So when you visit your favored place this Chol Hamoed, remember that is the place to shop for all your needs. We are ready to serve you with the uniqueness you deserve!

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