Whoops! I forgot to prepare _____ for the Seder! A Pesach List to prevent any mishaps

You gaze with pride at the glistening white tablecloth, bedecked with beautiful napkin rings and gleaming silverware. It has been a long journey, yet you are finally here, and your guests are getting ready to sit down and start the seder.

Everyone is preparing the seder plates, carefully placing hard boiled eggs, maror and radishes in the designated slots on their kaaros. They search the table for the Zeroa, the roasted shank bone. A feeling of dread overtakes you as you realize that in all the rush and mayhem the past few days, you totally forgot.Your guests are understanding though, and a solution is quickly improvised. Although you remembered all the other myriad details involved in preparing for Pesach, you strictly resolve that next year you’ll have a list with EVERYTHING on it.

To save you time and make life EZier, we at EZKOSHER took the time to prepare just such a list for you. Our wishes to you for a joyful, kosher and EZ Pesach!

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2 thoughts on “Whoops! I forgot to prepare _____ for the Seder! A Pesach List to prevent any mishaps

  1. Charna Reply

    Thanks for this list! Very helpful!

  2. Rifka H. Reply

    yes!!!! thank you !! i can always use such lists. im always forgetting things with so many preps going on!!

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