Kosher for Pesach food saves the day even before Pesach comes.

Pesach is coming…Where is the police officer??


If you are like many other people out there, you are running after your children, begging, pleading, cajoling and yelling: “Don’t you go there with chometz!!”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The best offense is  a good defense. With the abundance of KP products out there, your stress-o-meter will stay at a comfortable level while you watch happy kids leaving a trail of crumbs 4 weeks to Pesach.

First thing you have to do is rid your house of all those crumbly goodies and babkas sent by your balabusta sister-in-law for mishloach manos. And when you watch your toddler throwing his cereal across the room, you’ll be thankful you ditched the Cheerios® and bought  Lieber’s Cocoa Vanilla Ringeeos, with a prominent KP on the box.

With the abundance of Kosher for Pesach food on the market, you can literally dispose of most of your chometz in your pantry a few weeks before pesach and your children will be none the wiser.

Of course, you still need to have certain basic chometz in your house, like Challah for Shabbos, but so many things can be substituted.

Check out this list of substitutions I found, which can be such an incredible help and change the way Erev Pesach looks in your house:

Shabbos Foods:

Challah We can’t substitute Challah. You still need to make a Hamotzi at every meal (and many people have a minhag not to eat matza in this time before pesach) Suggestion: buy water challahs that leave less crumbs.
Dips Lieber’s Sauted Eggplant Kp
Gefilta Fish A&B Gefilte Fish Less Sugar Homestyle Kp
Horseradish Noam Horseradish Triple Strong Kp
Chicken Soup Meal Mart Chicken Soup Kp
Kneidlach/Matzo Balls Lieber’s Kneidel Mix Kp
Croutons Lieber’s Onion Croutons Kp
Noodles Egg Noodles Fine Kp
Farfel Lieber’s Old Fashioned Farfel Kp
Meat, Chicken Kosher Pesach Meat and Chicken Kp
Kugel Meal Mart Potato Kugel Kp
Jello Jel Strawberry Kp
Dessert Fruit Parve Sorbet Ice Cream Kp
Liver Meal Mart Chopped Chicken Liver Spread Kp
Cholent Cholent beans are kitniyos, however why not use the ones without barley, at least you wont have real chometz

Food (Meals, Baking Supplies)

Pasta Sauce Lieber’s Pasta Sauce No Salt Added Kp
Panko Crumbs Gefen Coating Crumbs Original Gluten Free Kp
Ketchup Haddar Tomato Ketchup Kp
Mayo Lieber’s Mayonnaise Kp
Vinegar Lieber’s Imitation White Vinegar Kp
Salad Dressing Lieber’s Salad Dressing Caesar Kp
Spices Magic Spice Garlic Powder Kp
Flour Goldbaum’s Almond Flour Gluten Free Kp
French Fries Eden French Fries Crinkle Cut Kp
Cereal Lieber’s Honey Ringeeos Kp
Pizza Noam Gourmet Pizza Bagels Gluten Free Kp
Bagels Noam Gourmet Passover Bagels Gluten Free Kp
Pasta Lieber’s Spiral Noodles Kp

Haddar Elbows Noodles Kp

Knishes Meal Mart Potato/Pastrami Knishes Kp
Fettuccini Alfredo Fettuccini Alfredo Kp
Pasta and mushrooms Pasta & Mushrooms Kp
Baked Zitti Baked Zitti Kp

Snacks (Cakes, Cookies)

Cookies bake masters chocolate striped cookies 10 oz Kp
Cake Gefen Chocolate Chiffon Cake Mix Kp

Hagadda Double Dutch Layer Cake Kp

Panko Crumbs Gefen Coating Crumbs Original Gluten Free Kp
Dietetic Cheesecake Treat Hagadda Sugar Free Marble Cheese Cake Kp
Candy Bloomy’s Sour Mini Fruit Kp
Chocolate Elite Mini Milk Choc. Bars Asst Kp
Gum Elite Tutti Frutti Gum Kp
Crackers Lieber’s Yum Yum Garlic Crackers Kp
Ices Gefen Cherry Flavored Ice Pops 8pk Kp
Snacks Bloom’s Potato Chips (Bbq) Kp
Donuts Muffins N’ More Chocolate Glazed Donuts Kp
Ice Cream Klein’s Classic Treat Ice Cream Pint Vanilla Kp
Super Snacks Osem Bissli Pizza Flavor Kp

As you can see, it aint all lady fingers anymore! (Although you can get those too:-)

While you may or may not choose to have these chametz-like items in your house on Pesach, they definitely save the day before Pesach comes around!

Check out the extensive KP selection at You will be glad you did.

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