I had a dream…

When I was young, I loved to imagine that a conveyor belt would ship my favorite snacks straight to my door. With a flourish, the goody I so anticipated would roll in, and I would be happily munching or licking the latest exciting treat out on the market, and be the envy of all my friends.

Oh, how I dreamed.

“But only dreamers still believe that dreams come true”

As time went on, my fantasy still lingered. I dreamed of the day when my grocery shopping for the family would be as easy as just wishing for it to come, and I would get a knock at my door and there it would be.

How I wished for it when piles of powdery snow or a torrential downpour at the most inconvenient times prevented me from heading the few blocks over to the corner grocery to buy just the most essential items. How guilty I felt when my children ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, yet again.

I scoffed at my childish self, who thought grocery shopping from the comfort of my home was possible. As if a conveyor belt can really stretch until my door.

Sometimes, though, it pays to dream, and not to let go. Because when your dream actually gets realized, there is an ethereal satisfaction that makes all the waiting worthwhile.

I discovered EZKOSHER.com.

The conveyor belt of my dreams is just as glamorous in real life. With supreme ease from the comfort of my couch, I pluck items from virtual shelves and it flies into my shopping cart. It even goes with a flourish, just as I anticipated for all these years!

Dedicated individuals pick my items with care, they want me to be happy and have the best experience. And then, just a short while later, it arrives at my door and my children are happily munching or licking the latest exciting treat on the market.

As outlandish and impossible as it sounded, my most cherished dream became a reality.

What will my children dream about?



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